Collection Menus

“Our history…”
(Exlusively for the whole table)
Crispy scampi and sea bass,
lemon, chive, salad of fruit and vegetables
Scallop, crème fraîche, spring onion,
Calvisius caviar Tradition Royal
Tortelli with gorgonzola and mascarpone,
Breton lobster, walnuts
Morone fish, grilled potato, king trumpet mushroom,
black truffle, veal stock
Our Tiramisù
Small sweet delicacies

“Discover new tastes…”
(Exlusively for the whole table)

With six or nine unpublished dishes
A curious proposal in the name of ours
continuous research and experimentation …

“Le Declinazioni del Crudo”
(Exlusively for the whole table)

Selection of ten raw delicacies of fish, shellfish and clams…
Oyster Fin de Claire, sea truffle
cappesanta, lobster,
cod, cuttlefish,
scampi, dentex,
Yellowfin tuna, Calvisius caviar
…creatively combined by our chefs


Our Menus